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How our Quality Guarantee works?
We guarantee quality satisfaction on absolutely all items.

At Costco, each product is manually inspected right away by both our shoppers and our dedicated managers to ensure best possible expiry date and visual quality of the product. If quality is not great - we will simply not pick the item up and issue a refund.

For deliveries, we only use professionally refrigerated vans with a dedicated freezer space for frozen items while the rest of items remain in the refrigerated section.

If you received an item and not happy with the quality, simply send us a photo of the item and we will either issue a full/partial refund or offer to exchange the product.

Can I change my order?
Please login into your account and you will be taken to your order history, where you can Duplicate or Edit your order.

Are deliveries contactless?
All of our deliveries are contactless, our drivers will leave the order at your house or condo door. For your best experience - please leave a bag/box outside the door for the driver to place the order in. If your condo has a policy to not let deliveries upstairs - please leave a bag/box with the concierge.

For driver's safety - we are not able to deliver up a flight of stairs so please be ready to meet our driver downstairs.

You will receive a text message approximately 30 min prior to arrival.

Can I cancel my order?
Order cancellation requests must be emailed at least 48 hours prior to delivery for a full refund.

Can I return a product?
Returns can only be made on your next order for any reason for a full price refund. Perishable items without a clear quality issue will incur a $5 restocking fee.

All substitutions can be returned for a full price refund without a fee.

How do refunds work?
Refunds are processed within 2 business days after delivery and you will receive an email confirming the final amount. While refund is instant on our end, it will take 5-10 business days to work its way into your account, depending on your bank.

Do we charge mark up?
To provide you with a great experience including individual item inspection for quality, refrigerated transportation and delivery right to your door, we charge a slight mark up on all items. Bulky and heavy items carry a higher markup.

Costco's fresh meat, seafood and deli packages and prices vary, as a result most of the time you will see a partial refund indicated on your final paper bill delivered with your order to account for price difference (minus our standard mark up).

Questions? Email or call/text us at 416-557-9770 Monday - Friday between 9am and 5pm.


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